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  • May 22, 2018
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Phone systems are so much more than hardware sitting on your desk. Today, telephony systems come equipped with entire suites of collaboration tools for your team to leverage. Voice is more affordable on a per-staff basis than in-house phone systems.

The next phone system you choose will certainly be a hosted Voice Over IP (VOIP) product. The days of installing racks of phone system equipment in the server room are long behind us. Hosted VOIP is cheaper than other alternatives.

Raffa is finding the significant advantage that hosted VOIP solutions future proof your phone choices.   As new options and upgrades become available they are added to your package automatically without downtime or paying techs to install them.

Phone system selection goes far beyond connecting staff with a piece of hardware that only works at their desk.   VOIP providers now include Business Continuity, CRM Integration, Web and Video Conferencing (1-to-1 or 1-to-many) and secure company-wide Instant Messaging into their packages. Selecting between different VOIP providers is a project. All providers offer some version of these services with different strengths that may be the correct fit for your organization.

When evaluating the best VOIP solution for an organization Raffa has found the following factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • Current Internet Service Provider: Will there be unnecessary latency? Should a dedicated circuit be installed for routing voice traffic?
  • Soft phones vs desk phones: Do staff need hardware? Can existing computers, tablets and smart phones be leveraged as primary hardware with some exceptions for executives and conference rooms?
  • Existing Technology: Is your organization running a CRM system, Email on O365 or Google? These systems can be considered when selecting the VOIP solution that best integrates with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Customer Service: Will staff need access to training? Do you need a hotline for staff questions? When there is a problem, does the VOIP provider partner solve the problem or point back to the internal network?
  • Geographic reach: Offices in different parts of the country? Selecting a VOIP provider who is strong in all locations is a must.

When you are ready to upgrade from your current phone system you have powerful and capable options available. Raffa is ready to help with the selection of your new upgrade and take the reins on the migration from start to finish. You want minimal disruption and happy staff throughout the process. Join Raffa Technology and Converged Network Services to discover how organizations are using cloud-based voice collaboration backed by best-in-class connectivity to transform their businesses. Raffa is not affiliated with any single VOIP provider. We have curated relationships with some of the best in the metro DC area that we can bring the best fit for every group to the table.

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