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Raffa Technology Services has many years of experience in System Customization for a wide variety of Accounting Systems. We know the unique needs of Accountants and controls needed to be compliant. We have customized thousands of systems to cover simple things like changing defaults, adding custom fields to invoices and more.  The underlying theme is that Raffa understands the back end of these systems. We can make them better fit your organization’s needs. Frustration can be reduced, and user buy-in can be greatly enhanced, through simple changes to your system.

Custom Systems  and Modules

Raffa takes our knowledge of Accounting Systems and use it to create custom systems that completely integrate with your Accounting System. We have developed Grant Systems, Billing Systems, and many more completely custom offerings that are completely integrated and work seamlessly with Accounting. Often, these systems are accessed from an Accounting System and use the security and features your users are already trained on and accustomed too.

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