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In today’s business and regulatory landscape, manual synchronization of systems is considered a major risk. Organizations are looking to not only automate integrations but to automate the interface of data between sometimes disparate technologies, some of which are not hosted internally. Raffa Technology Services has many years of experience in Software & Database Integration Services using industry standards. These include Restful web services, and SDKs, that push or pull data back and forth from a variety of platforms to our clients’ accounting systems.

Examples of some of the custom integrations that we have delivered are:

  • Out of the box web services used to send data back and forth, with calls via SDK to both systems
  • Used third party tools to call integrations
  • Automatically downloaded or uploaded files to ftp sites and then had files auto imported or pulled from accounting systems
  • Auto import of files using unattended services.

We have worked with many different systems and have many, many real-time, or timed, integrations that are completely or partially integrated.

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