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General IT Assessments

As clients evaluate the current state of their IT infrastructure, they frequently need experienced external consultants to provide an IT review with recommendations. Raffa Technology Services performs thorough IT assessments, evaluations, and provides implementation support services. We understand your current IT environment, identify areas of improvements, and clarify and define service expectations. Raffa creates road maps to help you identify, plan for, budget, and achieve your goals. Once the challenges and goals have been outlined and agreed upon, our team works to establish the tasks, implementation schedule, product and service offerings. We can then help you to manage the challenges, assisting throughout the process, revising the plan when needed, and helping you to push to completion.

Typical General IT Assessment Tasks:

  • Interview key client IT staff and internal users
  • Review network documentation and security
  • Scan for common vulnerabilities on external IP’s and hosting
  • Assess current infrastructure systems, and critical business processes in alignment with our client’s strategic goals
  • Analyze IT infrastructure, systems, and staffing, comparing them with other organizations of similar size and scope
  • Recommend solutions for aging equipment, if needed
  • Evaluate technology best practices and comparison with organizations of similar size and scope
  • Create Network Documentation Workbook
  • Prepare a written executive summary and recommendations
  • (remote) Presentation of findings to executives including next steps/roadmap


IT Security Assessments

Many organizations are seeing a substantial increase in security related risks and visibility. Raffa’s IT security team assesses our client’s networks, infrastructure, and systems for critical vulnerabilities. If risks are identified, Raffa assists in the prevention of application and data breaches, and in reducing these weaknesses. We assess your security risks and provide solutions for risk reduction. Raffa’s certified security professionals will assist your team in building a more secure environment and help you protect your infrastructure. Our security experts work with your team to help remediate the effects of intrusions and illegal data breaches.

A standard IT Security Assessment includes the following:

  • Interview client’s IT team and User Staff
  • Review written security policies
  • Assess the use of encryption for remote access applications and other potentially vulnerable areas where your network is open
  • Evaluate antivirus, antimalware, phishing, spam and spyware policies on client’s LAN
  • Review and configure firewall settings to prioritize useful traffic
  • Assess routing and subnet usage for access
  • Evaluate access controls and user based security controls
  • Scan outward facing services for security vulnerabilities
  • Deliver the report of recommendations and remediation

Upon completion of the assessment, we provide a presentation of findings and recommendations for improvement. In addition, Raffa has the experience and resources to implement the recommended solutions.

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