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Security and Cybersecurity Consulting Solutions

In today’s IT business environments, Raffa Technology Services’ clients have seen, and continue to experience, substantial increases in Security-related risks and visibility. Raffa’s IT Security specialists assess our client’s networks, infrastructure, systems, and data for critical vulnerabilities. If risks are identified, we assist in the prevention of application and data breaches.

We assess your potential and discovered security risks and provide solutions for vulnerability reduction. This helps to prevent the loss of productivity and profitability from illegal intrusions and data breaches. Our certified security professionals support your team in building a more secure environment, and help you to protect your valuable infrastructure.

IT Security Assessments

Raffa’s security assessments comprise:

  • Interviews of key stakeholders within the entire business and technology chain who have roles and responsibilities related to any potential system and data vulnerabilities.
  • Written security policy reviews.
  • Reviews of the use of encryption for remote access applications and other potentially vulnerable areas where your network is open
  • Evaluations of antivirus, anti-malware, phishing, spam and spyware policies on client’s Local Area Network (LAN), WANs, and Mail servers
  • Assessments and configurations of firewall settings to prioritize useful traffic
  • Routing and subnet usage reviews for access
  • Access control and user-based security control audits
  • Scans of all outward facing services for security vulnerabilities

Upon completion of the assessment, our team delivers a presentation of findings and recommendations for improvement. As part of the findings report, our team – with many years of experience in system, data, internet and physical plant security and compliance – presents a high-level list of recommended solutions.

Raffa’s team of consultants possesses 15 years of experience identifying, evaluating, recommending, and remediating our clients’ security weaknesses and deficiencies. With that experience, Raffa can support a series of solutions to protect a client’s environment and data. This includes the following certifications:

  • Certified Penetration Tester
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Certified Security Analyst


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