Managing Your Organization’s Key Systems – In The Cloud

Ten Benefits of Implementing Cloud-Based Applications

Companies and organizations are discovering some of the benefits of cloud-based services, such as Google Apps, Salesforce, and Dropbox. Raffa, P.C.‘s dedicated Raffa Technology Services practice is seeing a significant increase in the demand for Cloud Solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Raffa has been providing Cloud solutions for over 10 years.

If you are not sure if cloud services are right for you and your organization, consider the following ten benefits:

  1. Cloud computing offers 24/7 access to software and files on-demand – whenever and wherever you need them. Need to work from home, but also need to complete a quarterly report? Snowed in, but deadlines can not budge? Forgot a piece of data back at the office and need to answer a question for a demanding board member? Cloud services allow you and your staff to work from virtually anywhere with secure access to your organization’s financial information.
  2. With a cloud solution in place, it may be possible for your finance and accounting staff to no longer experience downtime during software upgrades or server disruptions. Cloud services can allow you to work with the most up-to-date software for SAAS (Software As A Service) systems while eliminating time-consuming and costly software updates and potential on-site server conflicts. All you need is your computer and an internet connection.
  3. There is no threat of lost files and no need to invest in complicated back-up systems. You may not need to worry about fire-safe boxes, the last date of back-ups or tracking down the most recent version of a file from someone’s computer desktop with a cloud solution. The cloud service you chose should handle the shared storage and back-ups in a secure environment.
  4. With a simple and secure log-in, staff, consultants and board members can have easy access to up-to-date projections and reports. Your organization’s cloud solution could provide multiple levels of access. This will allow your team to work with the same up-to-date records, but each individual accessing the information you have designated as appropriate. For instance, executives can have complete access; program staff can access their project budgets and time logs and board members can see financial reports.
  5. Cloud solutions reduce the demand on your internal IT departments (and the time your staff would normally waste while waiting for IT intervention). Depending on the chosen cloud solution, software updates may have minimum impact on your users. It is possible that no software other than the browser is needed on individual computers. Because of this, the demands placed on your organization’s IT departments could decrease. With a cloud solution, all that is required is a functioning computer or laptop, a compatible Internet browser and a connection.
  6. Cloud-based collaboration tools can provide improved query capabilities and dashboards for your employees, teams and remote users. Popular tools like SharePoint provide a single source for all of your business web sites, shared documents, reports, and dashboards.
  7. Since your entire organization can securely access the cloud system from anywhere, record keeping and reporting will be easier. From any computer with an Internet connection, your staff will be able to enter time and expenses directly into your shared system – on the road, from home, or even from the office.
  8. Cloud-based systems offer a flexible solution that can be easily integrated with other programs and that can be scaled up or down to meet your requirements. Cloud solutions are especially useful because you have top-of-the-line functionality but you pay for only the features that you need. And, the system can grow with your organization.
  9. Cloud solutions offer contractors and partners, like Raffa, easy access to data, reducing time and resources to complete reviews, audits and taxes. Your key partners will need to spend less time traveling and working on-site while maintaining the same necessary level of access to your financials.
  10. Cloud computing is green and socially responsible. Consider all of the packaging and shipping that will be eliminated simply by cutting out regular software upgrades. Your organization can cut down on wasted paper with the ease of sharing information and reports electronically. If your organization wants to implement a telecommuting option to reduce costs and improve quality of life, cloud solutions make that possible for even more staff like never before.

Does this sound like something your organization should consider?

Raffa Technology Services is pleased offer best-in-class cloud-based solutions to all our clients. We can help you migrate from your current systems, train your staff and establish protocols for different sets of users.

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  • Post by Evette Collins