Nonprofit / Not-for-Profit (NFP) Industries

Raffa Was Built to Serve the Nonprofit Community

Raffa Technology Services views every client, whether a Nonprofit (Non-Profit) organization, a business, a government agency, or an individual, as an invitation and opportunity to make the world a better place. We contribute to our clients’ abilities to achieve their missions and deliver their promises to the world. Our commitment to service is the key to Raffa’s overall success.

From practical back office solutions that keep nonprofit organizations compliant, effective and efficient, to the deeper strategies that create sustainability, our nonprofit specialists provide financial and management experience to help our clients advance their organizational missions. Raffa’s expertise also comprises consulting, accounting and technology services, all specifically designed to meet the unique fiscal and service challenges of NGOs and Religious, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Public Safety and a multitude of other nonprofits.

Many members of our practice’s leaders previously worked for nonprofits, providing financial systems and information technology services. We are adept at supporting overall reporting requirements, grant management and reporting, culture, and other related client needs. We also volunteer our time and are active members of nonprofit communities.

Raffa is a partner to our clients, often helping them work through challenges toward greater sustainability and uncovering opportunities to do more.

Solution Portfolio

Raffa’s experienced technology practice advises clients on technology options – including financial ERP systems, cloud-based accounting and business solutions, network hosting and managed services and key integration and software development tools.

Our Commitment

  • Our mission is to do more and work toward a world that is more just, caring and sustainable through Social Impact, Partnership, Excellence, Diversity and Stewardship.
  • Raffa respects our clients’ unique strengths and assets, and we work as partners to build organizational capacity, knowledge and sustainability.
  • Our passion is exceptional service, as well as in driving continuous growth and improvement.
  • We believe in the power of diversity – from our highly diverse team to our commitment to building diversity into actions and results.
  • Raffa’s team are good and careful stewards of our clients’ key resources and information.

Our consultants can help you to develop strategies rooted in sound business fundamentals, strengthen communication between staff and boards, and sharpen overall execution. We believe that helping nonprofits succeed gives us a platform to be a catalyst for positive systemic change in our communities, in our country and on our planet.

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Please contact a Raffa Technology Services Nonprofit / Not-For-Profit Specialist by calling (202) 822-5000, or by completing the form on this page.

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