Sage Intacct Nonprofit Financial Board Book Powered by GuideStar

Sage Intacct with GuideStar, a Raffa Technology Services (#RaffaTech) client, unveiled the new Sage Intacct Nonprofit Financial Digital Board Book (DBB) powered by GuideStar. The board book is built on the Sage Intacct platform and it includes the following: Key metric reports and graphs – Examples of metric reports and graphs include revenue composition, liquidity […]


Alternative Reporting using Intacct

Some of our clients have statutory reporting requirements. This is generally the case when our clients have overseas operations. For example, Brussels has very specific financial reporting requirements that require financial reports to utilize the Brussels chart of accounts structure. Intacct addresses this need by providing the user with the option of using Alternative Reporting. […]


Preparing for 1099 Season using Intacct

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  • Nov 27, 2017
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It is early! Why is this blog post about 1099s?!? That’s something I don’t look at until January. 1099 maintenance is ongoing and companies should not wait until January to start looking at 1099 information. Here are some steps (tips) that will improve the efficiency of your 1099 process. Have every new vendor fill out […]


Is your Legacy Financial Management System Actually Limiting Your Growth?


Cloud solutions have changed the way companies and organizations like yours purchase software. Compared to legacy systems, cloud financial systems offer the newest technology at a fraction of the cost of implementing traditional software. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is becoming the norm as companies recognize the benefits of subscribing to an online solution rather than […]


Sage Intacct – Beware – Some Intacct configurations cannot be changed

There are a number of Intacct (now Sage Intacct) configurations that cannot be changed by the business user once it has been set or configured. Changing these configurations might require resources from the Sage Intacct engineering team and there is usually a fee. One of these configurations that must be set correctly during system configuration […]