BI360 Budgeting

BI360 Budgeting (also known as “Planning”) is used to automate budgeting and forecasting as well as other business processes. Data applications that require data entry to be stored in a SQL database can be supported by BI360. This product is more than just budgets and forecasts. Itcan be used to automate the data collection that most organizations maintain manually. BI360 Budgeting, together with its sister product BI360 Reporting , are available for either Cloud and on premise deployment. The solution includes workflow to help you manage approvals without the typical long implementation and high software cost of legacy planning solutions.

BI360 Budgeting allows a company to:

  • Distribute ownership, that permits contributors to access, review and share new insights into various budgeting activities;
  • Discuss and define strategic plans and related targets, and then share these plans and data with budget users;
  • Support workflow and discussion during the budget process to help drive user participation, as well as an understanding of corporate goals and objectives.

BI360 Budgeting works with BI360 Reporting. Reports are created in Excel that permits end-users to enter data using either the Cloud or the Portal. The budget can be entered and written back to the Bi360 data Warehouse Manager. Once the data has been written back, it is available for reporting. Finally, if necessary, the data can be transferred from the Data Warehouse Manager database and back to the source systems such as a budget table in the general ledger. Budgeting can be a more efficient user friendly application.

BI360 Budgeting Features

  • Excel Design/Cloud Delivery
  • Automatic Spreading
  • Workflow
  • Unlimited Budget versions
  • Templates & User Defined Input Forms
  • Budget at any level of detail in any area
  • Multi-year, month, week, day input
  • What-if analysis and Modeling
  • Allocations Text Comments
  • Fully integrated with BI360 Suite

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Post by Tracy Terry